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Economic Engine is your e-Procurement Solution Provider!
Our company headquarters is in Lexington, Kentucky.

Our Products and Services
In any economic climate, strengthening the bottom line is critical for profitability and delivering shareholder value. One of the fastest and most economical ways to deliver bottom-line results is to reduce the cost of procurement and sourcing.

Our existing bundled solutions, as well as a toolbox of robust e-procurement features, provide a wide range of benefits to buyers and suppliers.

  We help membership associations, government agencies, institutions and private corporations to:
  streamline procurement processes, creating significant cost savings.
  find qualified suppliers online -- form a larger and more diverse pool of qualified suppliers already existing on our e-commerce network.
  potentially drive down costs by increasing awareness and competition.

  We also help suppliers connect easily to billions of dollars in government and commercial business opportunities:
  Suppliers receive information on business opportunities instantly by email or via dynamic search tools.
  Business owners no longer have to search newspapers, trade periodicals, or the Web in search of qualified business opportunities.

Technology Platform
Click here to read about our technology platform.

Management Team
  Larry T. Hancock, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing
  Valerio della Porta, Chief Technology Officer

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