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Our toolbox provides functionality for buyers and suppliers to create unique solutions to meet their company's needs. Review items of interest below and contact one of our professional procurement consultants.

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Economic Engine Supplier tools are designed to create value in the eyes suppliers as well as corporate and government buyers. Save time and money by responding electronically to business opportunities instead of phone, fax and postage costs.

Ease of Use

All of our tools are easy to use with no special software needs and only minimal online training required. All you need is internet access and an email address. You provide the email address and we provide a password to insure that all the information and negotiating is secure between you and your customer. Once registered in the software, you will be directed to change you password for future use.

Speed of Information

Never miss another opportunity. Our bid notification via email allows you to view and respond to bids 24/7 at any location you can connect to the internet. You choose which companies, geographic area or specific marketplace from which you will receive the bid notifications. Identify and select commodity codes for each of your sales people which will allow them to receive email notification of bids in their specific areas. After reviewing the bid opportunities, they can immediately notify the buyer of your intention to participate or not.

You have the ability of communicating directly with the buyer, by a question and answer module that allows information to be communicated back and forth concerning the bid itself. You will not miss an addendum or other needed information as the buyer places all pertinent information in the specific bid area for you to evaluate and use in your response. This module also verifies to the buyer that you have viewed any new notices.

Sales and Marketing Opportunities

Create a business profile that can be seen by buyers that source and bid online. Your updated company information is maintained by you and can be changed by you 24/7 so that buyers are immediately aware of changes being made within your company. No more notification of address, phone, and personnel changes that have to be sent to your customers when changes are made within your company.

This business profile will include the usual business card information, along with other required information for the buyer to evaluate on an as needed basis. Specific information used in buying decisions may vary from the size of your business, number of employees, minority, women, or disadvantaged business designation, sales revenue, and of course references. There is a place for you to put your company’s website link for customers to go directly to your home page. All of this can be information used by a buyer to expedite an ongoing business relationship, or may be used to help them make a buying decision when they are not familiar with your company.

A module if also available to buyers that will allow any bid awarded to your company from within a marketplace to be viewed by other buyers within the marketplace. This allows buyers to feel more comfortable when they are not as familiar with your company. References are the best way to secure new business and this feature helps identify that you are a valued company to other buyers within the marketplace.

This business profile will also let the buyer identify who their sales contact is and the specific contact information of that person.

The software also allows you to upload documents for buyers to view that will allow information to be downloaded and printed instead of faxing or mailing. This area can be used for a variety of documents about your company including certification, financial, license, or any other specific information you wish for a buyer to be able to view.

Expand your sales opportunities by viewing and responding to requests from companies you have never done business with before. The variety of marketplaces with different buyers on roughly the same platform makes it easy for you to search for new business opportunities. Once you identify which commodity codes your company provides, there will be a specific “bid assistant” area that will put those bids on your desktop without searching. However, search functions are provided to you, so that identifying bids by commodity code, specific buyer, or keyword are at your fingertips. Once viewing, being able to respond electronically is the simplest, fastest, and most secure way of communication between you and your potential customer.

You can learn about potential new customers purchasing processes along with what forms need to be filled out prior to a business transaction. The buyer has the ability to give you this information electronically in the form of word documents and allow you to either fill out online or print and mail or fax if that is what is required.

Electronically Manage Opportunities and Information

The ability to manage your bid responses is done from your “Supplier Marketplace”. This area allows you to view all of your bids by classification. Bids you are working on submitting, bids awaiting buyer evaluation, and bids you have been awarded and need to accept are all located in area of the software.

This area also is where you can view information specific to all vendors once a bid has been awarded. The buyer has a module that allows you to be notified of the complete bid process and evaluation once an award has been made and accepted by the winning company or companies. This information can be very useful in future bidding and marketing practices by your company.

All of this bid information can be stored in an archive area for future analysis by your company.

Maintain an on-line catalog of negotiated products and services to make it simple for your customers to purchase from you 24/7. Whether you have an existing contract with a customer or have just been awarded a new contract, the software allows you to place individual products and/or services on the desktops of your customer for easy ordering electronically

Supplier Tools Individual
  Online Business Profile
  Upload Documents for Buyer Viewing
  Online Reference of Awards to your Company
  Multiple Search Functionality for Bids
  Electronic Bid Notification
  24/7 View Bids - Respond to Bids Capability
  Questions and Answers Online
  Electronic Notification of Addendums
  Electronic Bid Response
  Manage Bid Responses
  Information on Bids Awarded
  Archive Bid Information
  Maintain online Catalog for Purchase Orders
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